Top candlestick pattern indicator for profit system

Candlestick patterns are the purest form of technical analysis. The candlestick models do not require complicated calculations or additional data, just use the price of the four main points (open, high, low and close) to interpret the mood of the investor, to predict the future direction of the market.

The set of flag candle models contains 83 separate model candles and between models 40 and 43 mainsail model advanced candles. The main set of patterns includes popular candle candle patterns like Doji and Hammer patterns, while the series of advanced candlestick patterns involve more complex patterns like the three white soldiers or Tasuki Gap.

Trading market Gap

You can find two tables below detailing 83 candlestick patterns in this set of indicators for trading.
Each of the 83 candlestick patterns has its own set of indicators to hold several parameters, in order to customize the parameter candlestick patterns in question.

In addition to candle indicators show display points or text on the top of a price chart, each candle ad is provided in the form of Candlestick Patterns indicators that gives you the chance to keep the main prices deleted graphics

 candle indicators scanner

When applied to a RadarScreen, candle indicators can scan in real time for multiple patterns.
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