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The Omensight of Spearhead Games is a nice surprise these days: a colorful game with lively characters and a story that, although told, is not too heavy or trying to give us a stern look at the big issues important. He wants you to smile, laugh and take you on an adventure. And above all it succeeds.

In the role of the publisher, you are halfway between the Grim Reaper and a Lord of Time; You are a sign of the end of time, but you are not here to provoke the apocalypse, you are here to avoid it. In this case, it means following the murderers of a priestess. And so you experience the last day of the world again and again and use information, clues, sword games and a little light to know who is who, who is not, and how to stop all the noise.

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Since it is a story that focuses on the journey back in time, there is a large crowd coming back to the same levels. That said, it’s not like going back: since things will change to a level, depending on how you go in the timeline, it seems like an opportunity to go in new ways, new ways Secrets to discover and fight harder opponents. It’s more like playing a level again to get a better score than the annoying delay of the rest. Loading in a Upcoming Ps4 games domain, even if you’ve never seen it, never feels like a tedious task. At least until you reach the level of imperial fury of pain in the ass.

In this scenario, you are on a giant tank that crawls through a forest that destroys everything in its path with a great ravine. It’s fabulous to see thanks to Omensight’s beautiful optical style and gives you an impression of power when you stain your enemies. It’s not very fun, because the tank has to go through three groups of potential saboteurs in a short time. When one of them reaches a certain detonation ball, he returns to the checkpoint to start the glove.
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Where Oensight really shines is the story and the characters. This is a time travel story that manages to be understandable and complicated by focusing your decisions, not where you are going or when, but with whom. Choose one of the four main characters that will accompany you to start the day, then see where each new track will take you.

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For example, one day you will follow Rattika and you will find that she knows something about the murder you are studying. The world ends, you come back and start again with Ratika, but this time it starts to show you that you know his secret. Now she is forced to take you to a new place, which in turn could give a hint to the other three.

It’s fun to see how each character responds to your presence and what you can do to change your day. It’s also surprisingly linear: I was expecting to be able to go back to the beginning if I wanted to, but every time a revelation is significant enough, the story progresses and I can not decide, not my colleague to say my results . It’s not a big hit for the plot, but it would have been nice to remember how much it has changed, or to go back and explore old ways, just to be absolutely sure to have each collection and Ps4 games for kids each additional science, It’s a very interesting world and I wanted to know more.

It is misery all the time; The camera is too far to see effectively when an opponent attacks, too many enemies have ridiculously strong range attacks, the range is too narrow to take advantage of the movement, and the fight is too close to reach exactly the desired targets to meet. And when a runner reaches the piston, the animation can not be interrupted, so there have been too many moments when he has cried. This level is the worst example of

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