HostGator dedicated server & VPS hosting coupons

The usual HostGator web hosting is also known as shared hosting. They call it shared hosting because it shares the web server with many other clients. All sites operate under the same operating system and each client gets its own private directory to store its files. It does not guarantee a specific amount of processor, memory, or bandwidth, and essentially shares system resources with all other sites on that server. This is the cheapest type of accommodation and this is what most people are looking for a new website.

So, what HostGator web hosting plan do we recommend?

Shared hosting is good for small websites or websites that do not get a lot of visitors at the same time. We recommend that you start with them. If you break your shared hosting plan, HostGator coupon 1 cent will usually inform you and suggest you to upgrade to VPS hosting. This is good because many companies that offer only shared hosting simply lock your account using more resources than you are entitled to.
With HostGator’s dedicated hosting, it does not share the server with other clients. Your website is the only website that runs on this server. As you can expect, it’s also the most expensive type of hosting, and for that reason, it’s usually geared towards larger websites that require a lot of system resources.

HostGator VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
HostGator’s VPS hosting is a compromise between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. They share the actual hardware of the Web server with other clients, but each client gets its own virtual and isolated operating system running inside its own virtual machine. With VPS, you also get a guaranteed amount of CPU, memory, bandwidth and disk space. This usually results in greater reliability and security compared to shared hosting, since only you have access to your virtual Web server and its resources.

Good HostGator VPS

HostGator Reseller Hosting
Although you can run multiple sites in some shared hostgator coupon code 75 off 2018 hosting plans, you must manage all of these sites through the same Control Panel (cPanel). Well, what if you design websites for multiple clients and need a separate control panel for each one? With reseller hosting, you can still create new shared hosting accounts, each with its own control panel. In addition, some people also use reseller hosting to start their own web hosting company.


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